Grow Sales

business-developmentGrow Sales

If you’ve been looking for a Minnesota sales coaching or sales training company to help get your business off the ground, you’ve come to the right place! Our new business development plan will provide you with the tools you need to achieve prolonged success with your business.


  • Establish a Successful New Account Development process that produces immediate results.
  • Build a Customized Sales approach that takes the best of what you have and improves it.
  • Deliver a Proven Sales System that can be duplicated by all of your sales people.


  • Conduct Sales Analysis on your current sales process. What is working, how effective is it (the numbers), what is not working?
  • Give immediate feedback on ways to improve your sales results. Purpose is to develop mega-credibility with the sales team and get their buy-in to the process.
  • Meet regularly with the Sales Team to give them the latest developments on their customized sales process and continue to get their input and buy-in.


  • New Business Development process for opening accounts.
  • Customized Sales System that works.
  • Documented Step by Step sales process.
  • Sales Tool Box.