Direct TV says Goodbye to 15 year customer with $160 Disconnection Fee

I have been a Direct TV customer for 15 years up until I recently tried to bundle all my services including Direct TV with Qwest. I was unable to make the change even though I tried numerous times to sign up with Qwest and Direct TV. I’ve attached the actual Chat I had with Qwest because you wouldn’t believe me unless you see the conversation. They quoted me three prices and couldn’t tell me the speed or breakdown in the package.

I recently moved all my services phone, internet, TV to my cable provider. When I did Direct TV said I owed them a $160 cancellation fee. I called Qwest and they said they couldn’t help me that they had “nothing to do with Direct TV” other than pay my bill as a “service” for me. I told the CSR that they had a lot more leverage than a single user and that they should have some latitude in how to handle customer disputes.

They told me I had to call Direct TV. I did and was told they couldn’t do anything for me as well. I would have to write a letter disputing the charges.

This is just another example of why large companies become EXTINCT when they have 18 million UNHAPPY customers.

Here is the actual Chat Script:

Thank you for using A Qwest Sales and Service Consultant will be with you in just a moment.
Thank you for contacting Qwest. My name is Joel W. (20489). How may I help you today?
greg: What are the current speeds for internet service in my neighborhood?
greg: Joel are you still there?
Joel W. (20489): I can help.  If you can give me your address I can check.
greg: XXXX Pine View Drive, Prior Lake, MN 55372
Joel W. (20489): We have 7 MB, 1.5 MB , and the 256 kb packages available at your home.
greg: 7MB is that download and Upload speeds?
Joel W. (20489): Uploads on the faster speeds are 96 kb and the 256 goes both ways.
greg: So the fastest package you have for me is 7MB per second upload and 96KP download? Is that correct?
Joel W. (20489): Typo- I meant 256kb both ways.
Joel W. (20489): No.  896 kb on then faster speeds.  My multi-tasking features are off today.
Joel W. (20489): I am not concentrating.
greg: Is the 7Mbps package speed guaranteed minimum download? If so I think I want to sigh up.
Joel W. (20489): The speed is not guaranteed.  It can vary a little.  Probably as slow as 6 MB or so and up depending on circumstances.
greg: I’m currently on cable high speed and getting 7800Mbps speeds. However the service is unpredictable. I am looking for a more consistent internet speed as I work from home. If I sign up and am not happy is there a cancellation period or any type of satisfaction guarantee?
Joel W. (20489): Thank you for waiting. I’ll be with you in just a moment.
Joel W. (20489): There is no contract on our month-to-month service plan.  If you decide on the Two-Year Price for Life plan, you can cancel in the first 30 days and there is no termination fee.  After that it’s $200 if you drop the service.
Joel W. (20489): Oh.  If you move and we don’t have the service available, the termination fee is waived.
greg: I’d like to get set up on the Fastest plan. I have a mailer from Qwest offering $29.99 /mth.
Joel W. (20489): Let me check on that.
Joel W. (20489): If you have enough Qwest products as part of your service, we have bundled discounts that will bring the pricing down.  I will have to look at your account.  Would you please verify your security code for me?
greg: Sure? What’s a security code?
Joel W. (20489): The security code was mailed to your home and has 12 characters.  I can call you with it at home.
greg: Call
Joel W. (20489): Can you fax the flier to me with the fine print?
Joel W. (20489): The call is automated and will be there in a few seconds.  Just type the code into the Chat window when you have it.
greg: XXXX0183B257
greg: What number do you want me to fax the flyer to?
Joel W. (20489): I will be right with you.
Joel W. (20489): Thanks. Let me double check the fax number.
Joel W. (20489): 651 221 5649 is the fax number here.  I don’t need a cover for this one.
greg: I’ll send it right over
Joel W. (20489): The B is a lower case b and you’ll need this code to set up a MyAccount profile or to have an e-Business representative assist you with account specific information.
greg: OK, what else do you need to get me set up?
Joel W. (20489): I’m sorry for the delay. I’ll be right with you.
Joel W. (20489): Thanks for the fax.  The parameters are that the prices are as low as $29.99 for speeds up to 7 MB.  Plus you have to have at least four of our products.  You still will qualify for a bundled discount.
greg: Great do I get the $29.99? My flyer says Prices starting at. I don’t see the as low as?
Joel W. (20489): you are right.  It will not be $29.99 because you don’t carry enough product line.  Let me figure the discount.
greg: I have 3 lines and a bundle for voicemail, caller id, forwarding,etc.
Joel W. (20489): Thanks.
Joel W. (20489): My numbers show with the discounts your bill would only be around $95 plus taxes, fees, and surcharges.
greg: How much is the internet and are the other services discounted? I don’t usually see the bills..
Joel W. (20489): The total will be about an $18 discount.  Right now your current bill is $78.56.  Did you authorize a change of long distance on your lines last month?
greg: I think so?
greg: What price are you figuring for the internet?
Joel W. (20489): I didn’t.  I used a bundling tool we have.  I know the news is hard to take.  I will try it one more time.
Joel W. (20489): I am programming it on the fax line.
Joel W. (20489): I did it twice.  I can e-mail you a copy of the order when it’s complete for you records.  It’ll show pricing before and after the discount.
Joel W. (20489): This is with the Two-Year Price for Life.
Joel W. (20489): I think there is a modem promotion with that plan.
Joel W. (20489): I have not heard from you for a couple of minutes. Do you still need me to keep this chat conversation open for you?
greg: Is the pricing faxed?
Joel W. (20489): Do you want me to complete the order?
greg: I want to see the pricing breakdown first? Then we can complete the order and schedule the service call to get it set up.
Joel W. (20489): Your monthly charges would be estimated at $110.10 plus any federal, state, and local taxes, fees, and surcharges bringing your estimated monthly total to $137.41. You will also receive a $18.00 monthly discount.  My system doesn’t give me the individual breakdown.
greg: What happened to the $95 quoted above?
Joel W. (20489): I will be right with you.
Joel W. (20489): That included a data-backer service which is inside wire maintenance on a Broadband line.  When I redid the pricing, I removed that feature which is three dollars a month.
Joel W. (20489): You need a modem too.  You can rent one or purchase one.
greg: This is taking way, way to long to communicate. If Qwest wants to send me some information about the internet service then have someone give me a call.
Joel W. (20489): I can finish the order in three minutes.  We do not solicit customers on the phone.
greg: You can’t finish the order if you can’t explain the pricing and I can’t see the breakdown. So email me the breakdown and I’ll be happy to call in and speak with someone that can get me set up in three minutes versus over an hour on chat.

Joel W. (20489): You can call in to our Customer Service Center at 1-800-491-0118 for further assistance

Joel W. (20489): As I said, my system totals the account bill only.

greg: Joel, I can’t wait to use these notes for my upcoming Service Excellence Session next week. It seems Qwest always knows how to go out of it’s way to get people to call then take that opportunity and have them run the other way.
greg: Have a great day, thank you for calling Qwest.

Joel W. (20489): Do you have any other questions?

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