stand-outIntroducing You to You

“Does who you are match your idea of who you want to be?”
-Joe Calloway Becoming a Category of One

As a company, you are simultaneously being and becoming. Getting to know Action Learning Corporation means getting to know yourself better,who you are and who you want to be.

We conduct a Sales Analysis of your current process

We want to get to know your product/service and see how you are approaching the marketplace.

What’s working for you and what’s working against you? We give immediate feedback on ways to improve your sales results and make every aspect of your sales process work for you.

We revise and document your sales process

Do you have a documented sales approach that your sales people understand and follow?

We work with you to create a step-by-step sales process that is easy to teach, manage and duplicate. For each step we offer detailed explanations, samples, questions, outlines and other sales tools.

Introducing You to You is about working with your company to develop a clearly defined process for finding new business. It’s abouttaking the best of what you have and making it better.

Our philosophy is not to tell you what works; it is to show you. As part of our sales training, we go into the field with your sales reps on sales calls to make sure that the process we’ve developed helps you achieve success with real prospects

  • We help you find the leads
  • We create the marketing materials
  • We are present when you launch the calling campaign to ensure we get 60% plus results

We stay relentlessly on task until we are making sales and duplicating the process with the same stellar results.