Scott Severson
President, Brandpoint

“We consider Greg to be a valuable partner of Brandpoint. Greg has helped us develop and improve our sales processes, refine our sales recruiting process and recently he played a key role in our hiring process for our new Director of Sales. Greg invested the time to understand our business and he’s our go-to resource whenever we need help on anything that’s sales related.”



Mike Sime

President of Rapid Packaging

“Greg has done everything we’ve ever asked him to and more. He gave us insight into how to advance our connections and actually helped us create a whole other level of sales. He connected us to on-line business.

“He’s done sales retreats, one-on-one coaching, sales meetings and seminars…he doesn’t just tell you how to be dynamic and innovative, he shows you. He lays out a concept and the system around it in a way that creates a thrilling, memorable moment.

“In the atmosphere of life, working with Greg is like breathing pure oxygen. He’s always checking up on us, keeping in front of us and doing all the right things. He’s a creative, out-of-the-box thinker…a super salesman who has really helped give our company some lift.”



Lynn Petros-Winn
CEO of Recycle Technologies

“Greg and I started working over 5 years ago and in that time he has undertaken huge projects that have definitely increased our sales. He branded our company – redesigned our brochure and website – and brought six terrific people to our sales team. What he accomplishes for us could only be done with a lot of time and a lot of care, understanding and passion for what we do.

“When Greg is here, he’s 100% in the room. He’s not thinking about his other contracts, of the other hundred things on his to do list…Greg has an uncanny ability to make you feel like you’re his only customer.

“It’s as though Greg can see what’s going on 10,000 feet above the ground. He sees the way you do things – the way you’ve always done things – and gets you thinking in a new and great way. He is simply phenomenal to work with. People embrace Greg because he brings out their best.”



Jeff Stoebner
President & CEO of AVI Systems Inc.

A decade ago we hired Gregory to create a professional sales process for AVI and today continues to teach our Sales Boot Camp.

We asked Gregory to help us redesign our “Service Support Agreements”. Over the last two years he has be instrumental in helping us completely rebuild the support offering. Today it’s called “ProSupport”. It has become a “game changer” for us when up against competitors.

With Gregory’s help we have doubled our sales during the recession and increased our investment in sales & service training while others did the exact opposite. If you are looking for a serious program that produces serious results then work with Gregory. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in years ahead.

Joe Baer
Regional Vice President of AVI

“We first used Greg for a team building exercise and he conjured up some fun stuff that got a really great response among our internal customers. From there he did some one-on-one sales coaching and within 30-60 days we were seeing tremendous results. He started working in 5 of our 10 offices and all five saw an increase in sales. Today, every office is using him.

“Greg started calling me in 1994 and he didn’t get my business until 2003. He’s not just looking for a project, Greg is all about making relationships. He believes in never hearing ‘no’ because he believes in everything he teaches.

“He takes all the jumbled up info in your head – all the stuff you know about sales – and transforms it into a step-by-step process. Everything is a process. He gets you introducing, discovering, building a rapport and uncovering the things that customers are really looking for.

“Greg doesn’t invent this stuff, he steals from the best! He’s a voracious reader, a voracious learner…Greg doesn’t read books, he devours them. He reads it, retains it and knows exactly how to teach and apply it. Greg believes in lifelong learning and lives it.”



Steve Gustafson
RHR Information Services

“RHR isn’t new but I’m new in it.  We’ve been working with Greg since July and our main focus has been on the creation of a uniform sales process that all our sales reps follow. It’s only been a short time, but we’re already seeing a dramatic increase in our ability to get first appointments on the original calls.

“In July, we were getting first appointments on 1 – 2% of our cold calls. Right now, we’re getting first appointments on 40% of our cold calls. That’s not a slight improvement. That’s a twenty-fold increase in getting first point of contact with the correct decision maker.”

‘Greg’s company is called Action Learning. It’s not called “Let’s-Think-About-it Learning” or “Let’s-Have-a-Staff-Meeting Learning…” Greg drives the process and he never slips off the calendar. We told Greg we needed cold calling scripts; a day later he sent us a draft. We told Greg we wanted to have a Sales Process & Discovery meeting; he had a complete agenda ready to go for the following week.’

“In July, Greg and I set some major goals for next year; and there’s no question that come 2009, we’ll be ready to hit the ground running.”



Pat O’Brien

“Greg is a true teacher/student of the sales game. Every time I see Greg he gives me a book to read. He gets our sales people reading, going to seminars…he believes in keeping people informed and that’s how he stays on top of it.

“Greg is a phenomenal goal setter. Every goal this company has set, we’ve reached. He always gets it done. Set your goals, write your goals, live your goals. Greg taught me that.”