Apple Rocks in Service Department

My IPhone recently stopped syncing. I went to the Apple site for help. I answered a few questions then I had the option of me calling Apple, them calling me right back or chat. I hit the “Call Me Now” button. Within 15 seconds my phone rang. The customer service rep quickly identified that the problem was with the MobileMe software. She walked me step by step through the MobileMe website for support. Once I was connected via chat to another service rep she hung up.

The service rep figured out the problem. I had two MobileMe accounts and I was trying to sync to the wrong account. The rep closed one of the accounts and gave me a complete refund. I didn’t even have to ask. Then he had my sync working completely within 7 minutes.

This is why I love my IPhone. Great support, Fast, Easy Customer Service.

Every encounter I have had with Apple whether at the Genius Bar inside a retail store to online service, they get it right.

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